The Best Gifts for a Health Boost

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Guest Blog by: Henry Moore of the Fit Well Traveler

Shopping for gifts can be fun, but it can also be a challenge to find just the right present for everyone on your list.  With the stress of the season, not to mention life in general, some of your loved ones might need an extra boost and that can make it even harder to decide what to give.  Psychology Today suggests using this criteria when making your selection:

●     Gifts should benefit the well-being of the recipient, boosting them mentally and/or physically. 

●     Gifts should be inexpensive so that recipients don’t feel guilted into reciprocating.

●     Gifts should be either completely consumable or should be small enough they don’t create clutter or a storage issue for the recipient. 

With those tips in mind, here are some great ideas to simplify your shopping this year:

●     Music -  Music is wonderful for mental health and establishes a healthy emotional outlet.  Experts explain that incorporating music into one’s lifestyle boosts mood, increases motivation, promotes relaxation, and helps the brain function more efficiently.  Learning to play an instrument can be an additional boost. For example, i your loved one might be considering taking up the guitar, look for the best online guitar lessons that fit their lifestyle - your lucky recipient can learn from home and reap all the benefits of engaging in music. 

●     Health food basket - Why not select some interesting and health-promoting edibles to for your loved one?  You can assemble foods, herbs and spices, dark chocolate, green and black teas, healthy snack bars and dried cranberries.  Shop a discount store and be creative in your wrapping for a nice presentation.

●     Workout clothes -  Does someone on your list enjoy fashion more than food?  Experts suggest a present of new exercise gear.  HelpGuide tells us that working out is great for our mental and physical well-being, so it’s a terrific way to say you care.  Besides, comfy yoga pants, new sweats or adorable tights are a perfect choice for anyone planning to hit the gym in the new year!  For bonus points, wrap them up in a new gym bag. 

●     Water bottle -  Encourage a lucky gift recipient to stay hydrated with a cool new water bottle.  Want to kick it up a notch? Consider a fruit-infusing water bottle.  Choose one with a large fruit chamber for richer fruit flavor and you’ll get extra bonus points for creative thinking.

●     Premium lunch box - Does your special someone eat lunch on the run?  Not only is fast food generally unhealthy, it’s expensive.  Health suggests encouraging your recipient to pack a lunch with a premium, grownup lunchbox complete with utensils and an ice pack. 

●     Sleep mask -  We all know that sleep is vital for our physical and mental well-being, but some of us struggle with catching enough z’s.  A sleep mask infused with lavender offers double duty, providing a dark environment and soothing scent for the wearer. 

●     Herbs -  Does your loved one have a sunny window?  An indoor herb garden offers super health boosters and culinary delights.  Choose basil, oregano, thyme or rosemary to fight inflammation and possibly help fight cancer.  Parsley boasts antioxidant properties.  Plant a few healthy choices in a row or in individual pots.  For an extra personal touch throw in a few of your favorite recipes.

●     Sunlight -  Many people get “the blues” in winter, and some struggle with seasonal affective disorder.  A lamp that imitates the sun’s rays can be a terrific mood booster, helping to produce vitamin D and promoting the body’s production of serotonin. 

●     Kitchen items -  For the foodie on your list, consider items that encourage cooking from scratch and healthy, efficient living.  Bamboo cutting boards, a beautiful apron, or an herb grater might be indulgences your recipient wouldn’t normally purchase but would be thrilled to add to the kitchen. 

●     Art Supplies or Lessons- There are lots of affordable small art journals and adult coloring books on the market. One of those paired with a pack of dual-tipped watercolor markers would make any doodler’s face light up. Or, better yet, get them a gift-certificate for an art lesson or class. We have an upcoming hand-bound journal making workshop in January which would make a great gift for the artsy person in your life.

Shop for well-being

Choose items that offer a wellness boost this year both physically and mentally.  Nothing could feel better than giving gifts that promote the health and happiness of your loved ones this holiday season!