Social Skills Group

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Social Skills Group


Does your child …

  • Have difficulty making and maintaining friendships?
  • Have difficulty interpreting social cues?
  • Have trouble initiating, engaging and maintaining a social conversation?
  • Appear immature or awkward in social settings compared to their peers?
  • Withdraw from or appear anxious in social situations?

The goal of the  group therapy program is for children to develop skills in phases focusing on one skill at a time by breaking them down into smaller more understandable concepts. The program will focus on many aspects of social interaction, joint attention, communication and conversation skills, reading social cues, dealing with teasing, having fun together with others, problem solving, conflict resolution, stress management increasing one’s self -esteem, and anger management. Skills will be learned through the utilization of research based Social Thinking ®  Curriculum, activities, and cognitive behavioral therapy in order to provide  opportunities amongst their same aged peers to learn and practice  how to handle the challenges of  social situations at school, extracurricular activities and at home.


Groups will meet weekly for fifty minutes in the afternoon or evening. Early Childhood groups are available during the day.  Groups will only be run with a minimum of four participants and availability is limited. All groups will meet on Tuesday.

ØEarly Childhood (Pre –K through grade 1) – 10 am

ØElementary School Age  - 3 pm

ØMiddle School – 5 pm

ØTeens – 4 pm

ØYoung Adult – 6 pm

Please call or email to gather more information and/or to set up an intake appointment today! Fill out the registration form online here. 

Groups will be facilitated by Amy Strom, LCSW, MSSA, MEd

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